“Vissi d’arte”: staged at the Pan lives of the greatest painters

Frida Kalho

From Caravaggio to Frida Kahlo through Artemisia Gentileschi, Amedeo Modigliani and Vincent Van Gogh. These are the protagonists of “Vissi d’Arte”, the authentic festival created and directed by playwright Mirko Di Martino, 5 to 9 September will bring in lobby of the Pan – Palace of Arts in Naples in Via dei Mille 60, 5 original shows ready to narrate in an unusual way the lives of five great painters who make history. Lives lived on the edge, violent lives, lives sacrificed in the name of art. To know, to get excited, to get into works of art through exciting and engaging stories.

Five great characters, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, they have in common not only the ability to revolutionizing, each in its own way, the art world, but also to have lived exceptional lives. If it is true that genius is accompanied by madness, or, at least, the irregularity, the stories of these artists represent different examples of lives on the edge, marked by violence, killings and controversial incidents. “Vissi d’arte” has the intention, therefore, to offer the public stories that deserve to be told by their complexity, emotional stories of lives lived in the name of art and of artists who have lived their lives as a work Art. Opening the show, which is one of the summer initiatives promoted by the City of Naples, Saturday, Sept. 5, at 21, “Vincent” by and with Leonardo Losavio, directed by Roberto Galano, Theatre of lemons Production. September 6 will be the turn of “Frida Kahlo. Bailando a la vida”, 7 of “Modigliani”, the 8 “For favors received” and 9 “Artemisia”. For info: www.vissidartefestival.it