The history of pizza began here


More an institution than a pizzeria, Brandi is where pizza was born in 1780 and where Raffaele Esposito made the first pizza Margherita as a special gift for the Queen. Brandi has been synonymous with traditional food and a warm welcome ever since and its current owners, descendants of the famous Esposito and his wife Maria Giovanna Brandi, aim to please all their customers, including some heads of state. [charme-gallery]The secret of Brandi’s pizza lies in its pizzaioli, craftsmen skilled in the use of genuine ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, quality mozzarella and locally grown tomatoes. Tradition is held sacred here, so the marinara pizza is prepared with just tomato, garlic and oregano while manager Edoardo Pagnani has become president of the Association for the protection of wood-burning ovens – a fundamental feature in the success of genuine Neapolitan pizza throughout the world.