Yes to new digs: Herculaneum gets bigger


Wider boundaries than to the archaeological park of Herculaneum. It provides a signed agreement with the “Packard Foundation Institute for Cultural Heritage” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry for Territorial Cohesion and the municipality of the Vesuvian town.

The agreement, explain the ministry headed by Massimo Bray, provides for the extension of the archaeological site of the ancient Roman colony destroyed by the eruption of 79 AD, through the acquisition of an area of 5,171 square meters to the north west of ruins, demolition of certain buildings crumbling, with its fence of surfaces and safety of the area and the redevelopment, by the City of Herculaneum, the space between Via Cortili and Via Mare at the border northwest of the site. The parties continues Mibact, “undertake to implement the contents of the agreement according to the principle of sincere cooperation using tools of administrative simplification and streamlining of procedures for decision making and control, and to periodically check the status of implementation of agreement, the agreement adopting any updates. It also states the desire to achieve the objectives of this Agreement, and to promote the involvement of private or public, and informing and involving the local community, so that you can participate in with their contributions and suggestions”.