Here comes the “Napoli Strit Food Festival”

strit food

Pizzas “wraparound”, pastas grown, rice balls, croquettes with “soul” racy, omelettes pasta, bagels, mozzarella in a carriage, scagliozzi of polenta, “cuoppi” of land and sea, but also babà and sfogliatelle, both sweet that rustic. Other who trivial fast food hamburghers, May 15 to 17, from 11 in the morning to late evening, the promenade Caracciolo, of which there will be fun and … gorging. A triumph of music and fun, but above all, of street food, delicious and everything to enjoy.

The appointment is the first edition of “Napoli Strit Food Festival”, a real party full of stalls, truck and stand ready to offer a slew of tantalizing dishes to consume strictly “on the road”.

A peaceful and tasty “invasion” of food in all its forms, the brainchild of manager Giovanni Kahn della Corte and organized by him together with Giulio Cacciapuoti and Iris Savastano, aimed at enhancing and promoting, both nationally and international street food of excellence, highlighting the culinary peculiarities and cultural aspects of a real way of life. Naples has, in fact, a rich and ancient tradition linked to street food and the wait three days meant, among other things, to legitimize this role of capital in the sector.

The preconditions for the success of the first edition of the festival, however, are all there. Tens of thousands were in fact the curious who took part in the successful preview of December.