Made in Pompeii a cake record from 4 tons


The cake of record? Was made, in recent days, in Pompeii. A special “birthday cadeau” from 4 tons and a diameter of about 3 meters. The cake consists of a disc of sponge cake garnished with whipped cream variegated at chocolate. The exterior is covered with cream, to remember a great white cloud from which emanates a rainbow. To realize the cake extra-large a team of 8 confectioners worked for 15 hours using 3,000 eggs, 150 liters of milk, 50 kg of flour, 50 liters of cream, 50 kg of chocolate 10 kg of starch and “lots of love and passion” how do they know from the bakery “De Vivo” of Pompeii, which prepared the cake to celebrate the third birthday of their stores inside the mall “La Cartiera“, where the “giant sweet”, divided into thousands of slices, is was then offered for free tasting.