Spaghetti with baby octopus to Luciana, cooked to Procida


Even today, in the city’s Porta Capuana area and via Foria there are places that make this dish one of their principles of the table. In 800 there were maccaronari street that offered their customers, today is yet proposed wherever there is a strong link with tradition. This recipe, or “storicetta” as he called it also saw that tells us always the opportunity for which he prepared the dish, our friend procidano Gian Luca, explains how the island of Arturo the preparation mode respects the tradition of land. We publish as received.

“I Never, ever would have imagined that my passion for the” kitchen of Sunday “could make a visit to the home of relatives an unforgettable experience.Everything comes from my curiosity about the typical cuisine of our region in particular, and when I visit a new place I go in search of flavors and traditions of the place.

So while my wife and my mother-in-law, who are direct relatives of our guests in question, exchanging the usual greetings enthusiasts who do not see a long time, take this opportunity to make a small survey in the kitchen open pots to savor the scents the lunch in advance, because it is at this special time that they know more than home cooking.

It is at the same time I feel that my wife would like to apologize for my “debauchery” and asks for pardon and forgiveness for my behavior. But the nice lady Antonietta, the owner of the house, comes to my help, and tells her that it is fine and, indeed, as he read on facebook my recipes published by network Charme, has preserved the true fresh baby octopus with fresh-pressed ‘ goal of asking me to cook them to Procida.

I delighted, honored the request, almost moved, I accept the invitation and after kindly recommended to cousins ​​and his wife a visit to the village, with the clear order to not have so many intruders around, I started to prepare the sauce with the nice lady , promising that they would be the ones to decide whether to use the sauce to prepare spaghetti or enjoy them on the warm slices of homemade bread. By the way. Impunity is Marisa cousin, who asked not to return home if he had not bought the homemade bread.

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 gr spaghetti (pasta gragnano if possible)

500 octopus true

300g cherry tomatoes datterini

150 gr black olives from Gaeta

White wine

Extra virgin olive oil


Salt and pepper

Put in the usual frying pan (I use the aluminum for those who missed the previous storicette) plenty of extra virgin olive oil with a clove of garlic and chilli and fry over high heat, adding the octopus previously washed. Cook for about 7 minutes fading with white wine. Then add the cherry tomatoes cut in half and pitted black olives, add salt according to taste (I recommend you do not overdo it). Let cook over low heat with a lid for about twenty minutes. When cooked, remove the octopus and put them in a bowl and add plenty of chopped parsley and continue to cook, only the sauce for 10 minutes. Put the octopus in the sauce, season with pepper and salt and let stir in these drained pasta al dente. Serve and served with a nice octopus on top of the dish, or served with the home-made bread (perhaps baked in wood) with the inevitable rain of fresh chopped parsley.

Gian Luca from Procida”