Saturday with violin at the San Domenico Maggiore


The Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore will host tomorrow, Saturday 4, a solo concert of the Neapolitan violinist Charles Dumont. The Basilica, mother of the Dominican house since its construction in early 1300, commissioned by Charles II of Anjou which church of the Aragonese nobility, has always also crate perfect amplifier for music of all kinds and of all ages. And tomorrow, from 19.15 onwards, with music program of Bach, Ysaÿe Enescu and to enchant the public there will be the Neapolitan Dumont master with his violin Raffaele and Antonio Gagliano of 1848.

And for those unfamiliar with the Dumont teacher report a short section of his biography. “She performs, taking recital for solo violin and playing in various chamber ensembles, with whom he participated in tours, or international festivals in Italy and Europe, playing in the main capitals and collaborating with soloists such as Bruno Giuranna, Antony Pay, Ursula Hollinger, Peter-Lukas Graf, Alessandro Carbonare, Jean-Francois Tollier, Luca Signorini, Bruno Mezzena, Luigi Piovano, Luis Bacalov, Francesco Manara, the Quartet of La Scala. Several have been his collaborations with chamber orchestras and symphony, from which he was invited to play the supporting role or playing as a soloist, recording for the Italian Radio and Television “(source ).

Admission to the concert is free.