Loaves of San Biagio for February 3. Recipe from Procida tradition to celebrate the saint

ricetta pagnottelle san biagio procida
ricetta pagnottelle san biagio procida

This recipe-story (recipe topped by a story) that comes to us from Procida, our friend Gianluca that we will send and we require publication, isolate doc, leads us to taste a typical island trick that is sure to delight young and old to his goodness. A treat from afternoon intermission or after dinner relaxing. We receive and publish tel quel.

“One of the indelible flavors in my mind is the smell and then taste the Pagnottelle of San Biagio. Remember that surfaces in these days because it is linked to the tradition of my wife “grange” and precisely the area of the island which belongs to the church of Madonna della Libera.

February 3, in fact, we celebrate the feast of St. Blaise invoked as the protector of the throat. On the island it just said that a doctor, then bishop and martyr later, miraculously healed a child who had a fish bone stuck in his throat. From that miracle then it goes back to the rite which is celebrated each year of the blessing of the throat. Being our fishing un’siola once and then where the fish were the most consumed product for the meal, it is particularly linked to this ancient holy.

All children then, on the day of its recurrence, leading to the church of wicker baskets adorned with an embroidered white cloth, usually the valuable piece of family kit with them in “Pagnottelle” prepared by their mothers or from their grandmothers, but in both cases with a single recipe. A delicious traditional recipe passed down through generations of Procida. The wait to taste this cake was great, because they could not eat from the priest in the church during the service of the day he had not all blessed. Generally in the early morning function.

This is the recipe of “Pagnottelle of San Biagio” we bestow always the island

Ingredients: 1 kg of flour – 250g butter – 1 tablespoon baking powder – 6 eggs – ½ glass of liqueur Strega – 1 grated rind of one lemon – ½ vanilla pod – granulated sugar

Place the flour, add the chopped butter, eggs, lemon mince, liquor and finally the crushed yeast with your hands. Slowly work the ingredients until it forms a ball that you will stand for 30 min. Line a baking tray with baking paper and derive from mixing of the loaves from about 6 cm in diameter. Lay in the pan, taking care not to touch them with each other, and then spacing them from each other by a few centimeters, and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes controlling the area with a toothpick and Setting yourself accordingly until a golden brown compact. ”

Recipe Pagnottelle easy and quick to prepare as you read. And in our view with an afternoon tea or accompanied by a nice cup of coffee, I have a treat for the lucky one who relishes them.