Salad of bread Procida lemons. Aroma and taste islanders

insalata limone di pane di procida

And not just first courses or second courses we come from the island of Procida. This time, our friend Gian Luca, sent us a simple and easy recipe to prepare that can function both as an aperitif and as star of the table for lunch or dinner. As always, we publish so we receive. Recipe-story good at all.

“When I invited a friend of mine for lunch anticipate him that I prepared for him a typical dish of the island with the exclusive use of Procida lemons, I felt right away by his gaze, the typical distrust of those who think to remain fasting, or worse, having to eat something strong flavor and therefore not very appetizing but having to keep the guests well-mannered demeanor and full.

I did not worry much, in fact I was amused to emphasize the flavor of lemons Procida, which compared to those purchased on the mainland, I find it is much stronger.

Everything was even more fun because my wife praised the goodness of the dish, and as a result my friend, who is a known lover of gourmet particular tastes, could not and did not seem to delicate palate (by the way I do not make the name because it is one of those who signed many of the articles of Charming networks, and might resent).

What I avoided wickedly advance him it is that I would use the precious Procida lemon bread, which is a very different result from lemons, definable, normal.

The bread Lemon looks like a fruit similar to a cedar tree, with thin outer skin and the inner white part (which is called albedo, for the curious) well developed, hence its definition “bread.” This special feature that sets it apart and makes it a product of excellence is surely due to the particular climate of the island and to the skilful care of some local farmers who preserve the ancient traditions of the island culture.

Its flavor is delicate, and therefore not particularly harsh (as you would expect), ideal to be eaten in many ways is particularly suitable for preparing good and fresh salads.

Until a few years ago in our gardens on the island, these lemons were a constant and colorful presence, but now find them became a bit ‘more difficult, but certainly not impossible. I have the fortune to know the nice Cerase family, which preserves in the garden amiably two of these precious plants and fruits that very often there are tribute. Although to be honest the recipient of the precious gift is my wife, and this to me a little jealous.

Returning to Sergio (ops.. the name, friend unmentionable) after a cautious approach to new adventure for your taste buds, it is very “laid back” after the first taste, and also helped by an excellent fresh white and light wine by generous slices of homemade bread, toasted and flavored with mastery by an excellent extra virgin olive oil by myself, concluded the duel with the table with a win in overtime made necessary by the inevitable encore. By the way, as a side note it anticipates that his taralli “n’zogn and pepper” remained intact and thus ready for a new recipe-story that soon I will share with you Charming friends.

But let us now in practice, namely in ingredients and preparation.

Ingredients (for 4 servings): 4 large lemons bread, mint leaves, the new code garlic, chili powder, extra virgin olive oil, salt

Making of recipe

After washing for the lemons, peel them by depriving them of yellow peel and cut into cubes. Season with salt, extra virgin olive oil, finely chopped garlic, mint leaves and red chili powder. Mix everything. Let flavor, marinate for half an hour before serving. Council to serve with the scope of toasted homemade bread slices, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Bon appetit to all by Gian Luca di Procida “