In Naples, the first exhibition of works of art “talking”


The sculptures on display? They tell themselves. It happens in Naples as part of the exhibition – first of its kind built in Italy – with works by “talking” with the title “The Beautiful and the True“, held in the church of San Domenico Maggiore. A concrete example of the potential of the “internet of things” applied art. The exhibition is a journey between the real and the digital Neapolitan sculpture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in which the works are presented to visitors and interact with them through a sensor and an app for smartphones and tablets. The protagonists of the first exhibition “intelligent” by Isabella Valente are 250 works from museums, galleries and private collections throughout Italy on display from 30 October 2014 to 31 January 2015 the church commissioned by Charles II of Anjou, upright, between 1283 and 1324. the I plaster is free. The initiative is the testing ground for some technologies created as part of the Works Talking Show (Ops) of the District High Technology for Cultural Heritage (Databenc) which aims to transform the museum into intelligent and dynamic spaces, where visitors can interact directly with the works and content.

Exhibition “Beautiful and True”
October 30, 2014 to January 31, 2015
Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore, Naples
Info: +39.081.5629085
free admission