In Naples every Friday itinerant lesson to the discovery of underground art


With the “May of Monuments” back a series of thematic meetings dedicated to the art in stations of Line 1 of Naples underground. Chance that the Neapolitan Mobility Company offers to many art lovers and tourists who wish to learn more about one of the richest heritages of public art in the world. This is the fourth year that the program “Focus Metroart Tour” includes four new classes traveling free every Friday of the month of May for the first time in the afternoon slot, from 16 to 17.30. It starts Friday, May 8 with the first appointment to the stations Toledo and Montecalvario with a focus on Naples, its history and its identity told through the research work of internationally renowned artists such as William Kentridge, Shirin Neshat, Oliviero Toscani and Bob Wilson (for all the other events of May click here). The Metro Art Focus Tours are organized by art historians office artistic heritage ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobility). For the visitor to explore a new opportunity in key unprecedented variety of contemporary language, through the narration of the works and authors who made them. Reservations are mandatory. for it must write to: within 17 the previous Thursday until all available seats. Participation is free: it only required the ticket.