Painting with cosmetics, here are the pictures of recycling signed Anna De Rosa

L'artista Anna De Rosa in mezzo ai suoi quadri

Intense colors and brushstrokes in a style that the artist defines realistic-naif that between the referents the art of Frida Kahlo. Only Anna De Rosa, in addition to the style, has another peculiarity of its own that is to use, instead of colors, the leftovers of cosmetics as well as those that have expired. Funds or residual lipstick or blush that normally throw away and instead she recovers and becomes the raw material for paint. Foundation of all shades to create faces and bodies, to outline the hair mascara, nail polish used for decorations and embellish the work, eye shadow mixed with oil for the seabed, kohl pencils to draw eyes canvas made, these, with recycled materials. Passion for recycling, taken as a lifestyle, coupled with the need. At one point, “no longer able to afford paints, brushes and canvas, i started to recycle everything, from the cosmetics of my two daughters and, for the paintings, the recycled materials: scraps of cloth, pieces of plywood, leftovers of carpentry and even tele used that I clean and whitewashed” says the artist.

Fingers, hands, and cotton swab instead of brushes and lots of imagination: that is how come the paintings recovery Anna De Rosa with the Mexican painter who also shares a path of physical suffering, with vision problems and spine that prevent it to walk properly. Disability that did not stop her to paint, always, and to renew itself, going from murals to his paintings of recovery. “The cosmetics have a high yield, similar to acrylic, dry well and to fix the color, especially when using eye shadows, just use a protective lacquer is fine”, the artist explains. But where is all cosmetics that serve? “By word of mouth: now not only my daughters, but all her friends and people I know I bring the tricks to throw away. I never buy anything”. The awards, for his original art form, come: in addition to the Museum of Recycling of Milan which included it in its list of “eco-artists”, De Rosa has exhibited his works at Moa Museum of Eboli; participated in the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Salerno; exhibited at the Italian Consulate in Dubai and then in Madrid, Milan and Naples. Now, in addition to works that exhibit at the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno, is working on the paintings dedicated to the theme of Expo 2015.