Gennaro Regina carries the Vesuvius and San Gennaro in Benevento

Gennaro Regina "Santa legalità

Vesu|Vía” is the exhibition of Gennaro Regina on Friday, December 19 at 6:30 pm will be inaugurated in the Galleria Numen Arti Contemporanee of Giuliana Ippolito in Benevento. Eight new works, large, tell the expressive language of the Neapolitan who consecrated the world the classic icons of Naples – from Vesuvius to San Gennaro – with an original interpretation and contemporary art, and that for the first time exhibited in the city sannita .

On display in the gallery of Benevento there will in fact four paintings and four impressions on canvas. For the first time the work is exposed “Santa legality” (mixed media, painting and collage) where Regina portrays San Gennaro, who was bishop of Benevento, on a background of newspaper clippings where you read snippets of headlines and articles on legality. The work, mixed media on canvas, inaugurates a new series of paintings-collage artist. Rounding off the show a limited number of small vesuvi, a theme dear to the artist, and sculptures including the famous eggs superstitious porcelain.

Vesu|Vía” by Gennaro Regina
Since December 19, 2014 al January 31, 2015
Numen Gallery Contemporary Arts, Vico Noce 20/22/33 Benevento.
Info +39.338.7503300