The photos of Sorrento on display at Bastione of Parsano


A photo exhibition dedicated to the City of Tasso portrayed in all its dazzling beauty. It’s called “Details of Sorrento” and showcases shots Marianna Tizzani and Roberto Morelli dedicated to the pearl of the Coast. One way to offer visitors the chance to take a look at more or less known places of Sorrento, emphasizing, at the same time, and promoting the heritage of cultural and environmental heritage of the Sorrento Peninsula. the exhibition will open on Sunday, December 21, in the premises of the Ancient Walls of the Bastione of Parsano (entrance via degli Aranci, 22). the initiative, organized by association “Peninsula Felix Giovani“, by the “Un Ponte tra Presente, Passato e Futuro“, together with the Unione Artigiani Intarsio Sorrentino will continue throughout the period of the holiday season. it will be open every day: the morning from 10 up to 13 and in the afternoon from h: 5 to 8 pm. Admission is free.