The nineteenth century Neapolitan showcases for Expo 2015


The Rediscovery of the 800 Neapolitan is the proposed Databenc (District High Technology for Cultural Heritage) that will offer until May 31 a packed schedule of events in the spaces of the complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of San Giacomo Palace. An articulated offer of events that will lead to the discovery of the value of the innovative context of Naples nineteenth-twentieth century, at the forefront of artistic sculpture of that period, full of turmoil that led to the unification of Italy.

Heart of the events is the exhibition “The Beautiful or the True” edited by Professor Isabella Valente, from University of Naples Federico II that is renewed and continues its success by offering a program of initiatives that will animate the historic center of Partenope. An opportunity for the city of the Gulf and the Campania region to propose, on the occasion of Expo 2015, a prestigious cultural tourism, supported by innovative models of use and enhancement of cultural heritage based on a modern use of technology.

To open the series of events, on March 12, has touched the photo exhibition “Glimpses of Francesco Jerace“, first solo Silvio Russino who presented a selection of over forty photographs dedicated to the work jeraciana. The exhibition, which will be open until 31 May 2015, offers the opportunity to reflect on the joy of discovery: not only the discovery sculptural work, of a bygone era and faces real or entirely imagined, but also and above all the discovery of the personality of an artist sculptor than two centuries ago and an artist photographer today.

The month of April will be the occasion to inaugurate new exhibitions side by side to the existing “The Beautiful and the True”. In fact today (Thursday, April 2) will be the turn of “Giovanni Tizzano. Preview of the twentieth century” which will offer a large part of the collection of the works of the Neapolitan still unpublished, giving the opportunity to be seen by the general public. Artist of national and international prestige, with a keen and careful reflection on contemporary sculpture, participated in the ’20s and’ 30s in numerous international exhibitions (including International Art Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929, the Venice Biennale in 1932 ; II International exhibition of colonial art, the exhibition of Italian art in Switzerland and the Venice Biennale, 1934). The exhibition will be open until May 31, 2015.


On April 16, at 5:30 pm, the program proposes “Perspective on Lelio Gelli“, Florentine artist who lived in Naples until 1975 and participated in numerous exhibitions Italian. The exhibition will be open until May 31, 2015.

Next will be the turn of the exhibition “Sheets of thoughts” about 200 drawings of Costantino Barbella which will open on April 23 and will be open until 31 May 2015. With a style fast and extremely modern in sketches modeled by light, detailed and finished in final works of high quality, free in graphic designs, Barbella was one of the sculptors most loved and appreciated by collecting eight-twentieth century. In the exhibition and in the catalog are proposed about two hundred unpublished drawings, from the artist’s papers, seen as reflections and personal thoughts.

The colossal head unpublished sculptor Saverio Gatto, will be unveiled for the first time in the exhibition “The head of Gatto and other works“, which will open on 30 April. Cat is among the most fascinating personalities of the art scene 800 that during his long career he landed in different styles and subjects, by updating compared to basic and verismo drawing on mythological themes, futuristic and expressionistic, until the collision with the issues of the twentieth century, where he faced the painting and turned its attention to the news on the international scene. The exhibition will be open until May 31, 2015.

The calendar of events also offers moments of depth on restoration techniques. The appointment with live Restorations, May 5 to 7, will assist in the restoration of a bas-relief of Francis Jerace, “Minerva and Hercules slaying the Hydra of Lerna“, of 1903, and a bust of Federico Percopo, “Amelia “, 1877. A moment of reflection in which not only the experts and students, but also the curious public can approach the world of the” behind the scenes “of the sculpture. The restoration will be cared for by the study Izzo Sanpaolesi.

Meetings and conferences related to the context or the nineteenth century will complete the cultural offer: April 13th (h 5:30 pm) will be held the seminar “Afternoon Study of Vincenzo Marinelli” that will give the opportunity to consider the most important moments of a lucky period artistic painting Lucan nineteenth century, from the figurative production of this great master; May 7 at 8:30 pm, meeting with Isabella Valente on the “Ottocento Napoletano” for the cycle “As the court of Federico II or talking and re-talking of science“.


Science, Art and Innovation will be the issues at the center of a major international conference to draw and propose smart technological solutions that are able to accompany tourists and visitors through a new and innovative cultural experience. The Conference “L.O.S.A.I.“, May 27 to 29, organized by Angelo Chianese, aims to to pool the research experiences of students, researchers, scholars and professionals from both the world of Information and Communication Technology from one of the humanities.

To conclude the series of events May 31 the Finissage with a program of events dedicated to Expo 2015, which range from art to food to technology starting right from 800 and that will feature characters from the world of art, literature and deli.

The program of events is accompanied, for lovers of technology, the launch of “The Beautiful and the True – Virtual Tour“, a tool that allows you to use innovative virtual tour from the comfort of their own home, exhibition of sculptures currently in progress at the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore. This application not only allows you to enjoy a complete overview of the beautiful environments in which the works were on display, but also offers an accurate description and numerous in-depth multimedia for each of them. The information accessible through “The Beautiful and the True – Virtual Tour” are made available through a platform cataloging structured content that contains hundreds of files of the artwork, which is a new way to store and catalog content art-historical by the District Databenc.

All insights on the program of events are present in the portal Clicking you can also connect to visit the exhibition through the Virtual Tour for walking in the halls enjoying preview the pleasure of the visit live.