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A month of activities, a photo exhibition, two conferences and two films. These, the numbers of Guatemala, corazón del mundo maya, new, interesting event topic, hosted by the Cervantes Institute of Naples, the center of Spanish culture largest in Italy. It starts today Wednesday 26 November, with the opening of the exhibition of photographs by Luca Rinaldini, Roman, born in 1959, whose shots appearing on major national magazines and more.Sixty suggestive pictures full of “Mi casa es tu casa” – My house is your house. Not just a way of saying, as you might think, but a real invitation to learn more about the country of Quetzal to discover the real meaning of the soul maya.

In Guatemala, in fact, the spirit flies free like a comet, the heart fills with smiles that brighten life, the universe colored charms and invites you to discover the mystical world that is behind the rivers of copal, spirituality primordial looking forgotten spaces of the mind and the heart. [charme-gallery]Strong, therefore, is the impulse to go to the essential, to explore the caves that lead to Xibalbá, patting the stones of the pyramids of Petén, to place votive candles on the sacred fire and attend the prayer that moves in the eternal round , around the altar, to the discovery of its nahual (guardian spirit) and believe that, inevitably, there must be a God-Ajau, which protects this ancient wisdom. But the exhibition of Rinaldini, is just one of the pieces of the program developed in collaboration with the Embassy of Guatemala in Italy.

Up to 17 December, in fact, the beautiful home of the Cervantes Institute, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, will also host two conferences: one on Mayan culture and the other on tourism promotion in Guatemala. And, finally, two interesting films: Donde nace el sol Elías Jiménez (2012) and the documentary El bocado de los dioses Ana Carlos (2006).

From 11/26/2014 to 17/12/2014

Cervantes Institute – Via Nazario Sauro, 23 Naples