So Di Martino’s brushes see Capri


Capri seen through the eyes and brushes of a caprese that has left the island. Ugo Di Martino is the first caprese painter to exhibit in the halls of the new club dedicated to art. A student of Mario Labocetta and a surrealism painting that looks at the forms of Magritte, Delvaux and Dali, a few years left to move to Capri Sicily, on the shores of Calatafimi-Segesta. But the blue island remains the central theme of his work, between dreamscapes and surreal. It ‘s so that the caves are colorful, painting Di Martino, references to the womb. For some years, Di Martino added to the forms of Capri limestone rock also forms the telluric darting lava of volcanoes and even vessels that face the sea routes. The theme of the sea is a link ends to represent a hyper-place, no longer limited only to the island of Capri, but to a specific way of feeling of the people of our land in the South In the paintings of Di Martino (oils, watercolors pencil drawings), reads an earthly paradise for colors and liveliness of nature, a paradise violated, where the human element is separate from the marine and animal. Di Martino’s paintings are on display at the cultural circle Epoché in the street Le Botteghe 56 until 8 October 2013.