Pietrarsa, is record of presences for the national railway museum

Le numerose iniziative fatte di eventi, convegni, spettacoli e mostre hanno riscosso un crescente successo di pubblico: in 110mila, provenienti da ogni parte del mondo, hanno visitato l'ex opificio borbonico

Il museo di Pietrarsa

Record of attendance at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa in 2017. Positive feedback and increasing number of visitors are coming from 2013, when the former Opificio Borbonico, located in Portici (Napoli), now home to a first-rate museum complex, is It was taken over by the FS Italiane Foundation, born with the precise intent of recovering and enhancing a heritage of history and technology, a symbol of progress and a tool for growth in the country.

The numerous initiatives made of events, conventions, shows, and much more have met with a public success, capturing the attention of national and international media and helping to increase the reputation of a site that not only exposes unique objects, but that arises in a one of the most enchanting places in the world: the Gulf of Naples. In a short time, therefore, has passed from about 6 thousand visitors a year, consisting mainly of school children and railway enthusiasts, to 110 thousand in 2017, revenue from every part of the world, every day is committed to preserving and preserving goods, places and history to allow anyone else to appreciate its charm and beauty.