Naples, Anjou treasures on display at the Museum of San Gennaro


All the treasures of the Angevin Naples for the first time together in one great show. It’s called “Gold, silver, gems and enamel of Angevin Naples  – 1266-1381” the exhibition of the Universal Forum of Cultures, which until 31 December will be hosted by the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro. Curator Pierluigi de Castris, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism for the City of Naples, the event is a unique opportunity to see these extraordinary objects and jewelry made ​​of precious metals during what is called the “golden age” artistic history, civil, political and cultural center of Naples: the hundred years in which he became for the first time, with the French Angevin dynasty, a capital city, one of the largest and most populous city in Europe.

One of the artistic expressions typical of that period is the production of luxury goods in precious metals, gold and silver decorated with enamel, pearls and precious stones, for both the needs of worship – chalices, pastoral, miter, reliquaries – both those of the court and the sovereign – jewelry, seals, cups, cones for coins, cassettes.

In addition to the shrines of the body and blood of San Gennaro will be exposed pieces of extraordinary beauty: the cross lily given by Carlo II to the Basilica of San Nichola of Bari to the precious miter with pearls and enamel Scala and Amalfi; the pastoral of Atri and Sorrento capsule-shaped gold leaf lives today at the Museum of Cividale, made as “alternatives” for the wedding of Angevin Filippo di Taranto with Tamara di Epiro; by Tuscan jewelery commissioned in 1317 for the canonization of San Luigi, such as the cross stational of Santa Vittoria in Matenano, the litter box with secular arms Anjou and naturalistic patterns of Todi; from the seals of the various sovereigns of Naples at the shrines of Santo Stefano and San Luigi today to Capri and the Louvre, for their Tuscan goldsmiths made ​​by Pietro di Simone and Lando di Pietro.

Gold, silver, gems and enamels of the Angevin Naples, 1266-1381
Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro, Via Duomo, Naples
Until 31 December 2014.
Cost museum entrance ticket: € 3.00
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