Opera Festival, the Teatro San Carlo opened in summer


San Carlo also open in summer. After the good response last year, the Massimo Partenopeo tries again and launches the second edition of the Opera festival from July to October: 5 shows, 20 performances, with the aim to share touching 25,000 spectators to attract even with prices “popular” (from 22 to 50 EUR), confirming an initiative that adds to the appeal of Naples art city as a destination for cultural tourism all year round. Billboard in the Italian repertoire from Puccini and Donizetti, the return of distinguished interpreters of opera as Fiorenza CedolinsJorge De LéonGianluca TerranovaAlexia VoulgaridouPaolo Bordogna, great conductors such as Donato Renzetti and John Axelrod, the star of the dance Svetlana Zakharova and a masterpiece of modernity as the British Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus starring Luca Barbareschi.  And of course it will be working all sectors artistic Theatre, Orchestra, Choir, Ballet and Children’s Choir.

“The first edition of the San Carlo Opera Festival – remember Rosanna Purchia, Superintendent of the Theatre, presenting the program – was a success irrefutable obtained with four shows and fourteen performances for a total of about 15,000 spectators.” So, with the hope to do even better, starting at the right time, at the start on July 11 with a new production of Tosca, director Piero Maccarinelli and with conducting the Spaniard Jordi Bernácer. July 14 will be the turn of Bohéme director Donato Renzetti, new production directed by Francesco Saponaro with Alexia Voulgaridou and Gianluca Terranova. Both titles Puccini will take turns in succession until July 25.[charme-gallery]

Loosely based upon unique Mozart and Salieri, written in 1830 by Pushkin Amadeus by Peter Shaffer – staged July 28 and 29 – made from ‘British author in 1978 and brought with great success in the cinema in 1984 Milos Forman. On the podium will be John Axelrod. The show is in collaboration with the Ravello Festival that resurface the piéce July 30. Giselle will also return the star of the dance Svetlana Zakharova, staged the August 1st and 2nd, choreography by Lyudmila Semeniaka, director Alexei Baklan. Close the festival, in October, the Don Pasquale by Donizetti, sancarliano historic staging of Roberto De Simone, on the podium Giancarlo Andretta.

“The presentation of this artistic project coincides with the conclusion of a relative path to a commitment to which I was called and with a sense of responsibility and passion I have devoted myself – said the Special Commissioner Michele Lignola – Thanks to the Law Bray-Franceschini and work made with all Maestranze, today the San Carlo is no longer nell’affanno financial came from far away, creating intolerable burden in the current management. To this end, however, remained stable, and regulate the flow of the contributions of members and are always observed management criteria strictly managerial “. “This second edition of the San Carlo Opera Festival – explains Lignola – is a concrete demonstration of a Theatre launched towards greater productivity and planning in the sign of a law that asks each Foundation which has benefited from ‘Value Culture’ higher artistic standards and technical to make a useful contribution to project better and better the role of Italy as an example of culture unrivaled in the world. “Among the new promotional discount tickets over 65 and under 30 and schedules to facilitate the arrival of tourists from islands and Sorrento Coast.