Pompeii, when art comes from … mold: the archaeological park opens its doors to the Genius Loci

L'innovativo progetto del duo Ttozoi sbarca nell'area degli scavi. Le tele saranno dipinte direttamente sul posto con una tecnica d'eccezione: la proliferazione delle muffe sulla juta

L'area interna dell'Anfiteatro romano di Pompei

After the official presentation at Palazzo Massimo in Rome and after the first stage in the Royal Palace of Caserta, today the Pompeii Archaeological Park opens its doors to the artistic project “Genius Loci” by Stefano Forgione and Giuseppe Rossi, aka Ttozoi. Together with the curator of the project Gianluca Marziani and the director of the archaeological park Massimo Osanna, the two artists presented this morning the artistic performance within the amphitheater of the archaeological ruins of Pompeii, born from the idea of ​​creating works of art directly in the historical places chosen through the technique of natural proliferation of jute molds, with subsequent pictorial interventions.

The artists will create the works in situ, implementing different installations consisting of sealed enclosures inside which the canvases will remain for about 40 days.The informal process, realized with four hands, involves the use of organic materials (various flours), water and natural pigments on jute canvas, then placed in particular cases that will favor the natural proliferation of molds, with always different manifestations. The two artists will monitor the progression of the process, until they decide to interrupt it. Only at this point the canvases will be pictorially finished and finished, leaving visible traces of the passage of nature.