At Naples also the Subway of the art is posible to visit


Bright, spacious and futuristic. With paintings, sculptures, mosaics, photo and installations signed by artists as Jannis Kounellis, Joseph Kosuth, Mimmo Paladino, Sol Lewitt, Enzo Cucchi, Mario Merz, Renato Barisani, Mimmo Rotella. The Stations of the Subway in Naples are certainly to visit real museums that introduce him in the bowel of the earth. That’s why the stations of the Subway are been inserted to full title in the program of the driven visits of May of the Monuments 2013. The first one is theTuesday 5 May at 11,30 o’clock from the stations Toledo and University. You make the ticket. You departs for the trip in the subway of the art.

Metro Art Tour

visite alle stazioni dell’arte

ogni martedì

5 maggio h 11.30 Toledo e Università

Partenza atrio della stazione Toledo

11 maggio h. 11.30 Dante e Museo

Partenza atrio della stazione atrio della stazione Dante

19 maggio h. 11.30 Salvator Rosa e Materdei

partenza atrio della stazione Salvator Rosa


26 maggio h.11.30 Vanvitelli e Quattro Giornate

partenza atrio della stazione Vanvitelli

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