In the mood for getting away from it all


Whether big or small, colourful or minimalist, seaside homes are a way to get away from it all. However, their beauty deserves to be showcased in “Charme” as they express passions that find no voice in town but reveal the true personality of their owners when unconfined by metropolitan conditioning. We present four homes that represent four different moods: white décor, refined and recherché; colour unleashed as pinks and blues invade the home; sophisticatedly simple minimalism; and an elegantly furnished, almost elitist villa.[charme-gallery]

Massalubrense, white décor

An antique villa where tones of white on white rule. The antithesis of cold minimalism, this is an elegy to beauty and ornamentation: shells and coral branches evoke the sea as classicism embraces romanticism. White dominates with flashes of antique gold, black and coral red here and there with lamps both indoors and on the terrace before the stars come out over Sorrento.[charme-gallery]

Procida, Mediterranean palette

The white and blue of maritime tradition and the pinks of bougainvilleas in flower make up the ‘Mediterranean palette’ of this former farmhouse in the lush vegetation of Procida overlooking the sea. The interior is a blend of rustic and local tastes with white and blue majolica tiles while the white columns and curtains on the patio add a contemporary flavour.[charme-gallery]

Ischia, the essence of simplicity

Simple and unembellished, this house respects its setting in the Aragonese castle and monastery: a magical place that has not changed with the passing of time. Thick, yellow tufa stone walls with no decoration except the paintings by the owner so that nothing can detract from the view and the perfume from the vegetable garden. A place of mediattion where everything else can wait.[charme-gallery]

Capri, the eternal fascination of the classic

Aristocratic and elitist,Capriis the island of ostentation. Its villas are sumptuous and unique and this is no exception: collections of Caltagirone ceramics embrace silver ornaments and Neapolitan paintings in a predominantly white context. The island’s white houses and cliffs enter through the windows, but the Piazzetta is far away and silence reigns here beneath the majestic pines towering over the terraced garden with its majolica tiles and wrought iron chairs from which to admire the nuances of blue in the sea and sky.[charme-gallery]