In Capri, the exhibition of posters of the Soviet films


The island of Capri decorated and lit on the occasion of Christmas and year-end hosts, as part of the nineteenth edition of “Capri Hollywood“, the exhibition on the posters of the Soviet cinema from the 20s to the 80s, original works , tempera on paper and board of the greatest artists of that era. Opening the exhibition, organized by the Galleria 56 of Bologna in the spaces Epoché and Galleria Nabis, will be Saturday, December 20th at 6:30 p.m. in via Fuorlovado the mayor of Capri Gianni de Martino, the Head of Culture Caterina Mansi and Deputy tourism Antonino Esposito, along with the curators of the exhibition Alan Serri and Mariano della Corte. “Cin Cin” with Franciacorta and music on the road between the sparkle of the windows with the score assigned to the group isolate YaxeOttavio Crovato and Giovanni Paglioni, acoustic guitar and harmonica, instrumental music, 60s and 70s and movie soundtracks famous.

The event already promises to be an opportunity for cultural exchange and liaison between its Hollywood films, the Italian repertoire and the Russian film that was just one of the territories of the initial disclosure of the seventh art through the creation of the first movie posters right from ‘start of the last century. The exhibition, titled “The Soviet cinema in his manifest”, wants to set up a meeting to highlight the art of film Soviet, in which the poster, both for purposes of political propaganda that for artistic purposes more generally, was a of the most important forms of expression of the art of this area of the globe. The thirty works on display are mostly tempera on paper and cardboard, since World War II to the ’60s,’ 70s, among which we recognize the work of Chazanovskij, Grebenshikov, Kononov, Ostrovsky and Ruklevkij Zelenskij along with some lithographs d ‘era of the 20s and 30s of Bograd, Chomov, Dmitriev and Poderevjanskij.