Culture and tourism, in which Naples and the Campania Region believe in now

Sempre più fervente l'attività di recupero e (ri)valorizzazione dell'enorme patrimonio storico artistico che amplia una già enorme offerta turistica-culturale. Ecco alcuni esempi

Turismo-a-Napoli_ Charme Naples e Campania_inverno 2017
Cultura e turismo a Napoli e Campania: le copertine di Charme Campania e Charme Naples delle edizioni Inverno 2017

We publish in preview the article leading of the next spring 2018 edition of the magazine Charme, the beauty and goodness of Campania, distributed in Italian and English in 140 hotels in Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano

The cultural heritage in Naples and in the Campania  region is so huge that a whole life would not be sufficient to visit and appreciate it entirely. Such an incredibly artistic and historical heritage, which, notwithstanding its vast offer of beauty, is being constantly enriched with new proposals and ideas. All this is thanks to public, private and voluntary initiatives, that recover and enhance churches and buildings with a profound history and which have been closed for decades from tourist and cultural fruition, all due to the lack of funds.

A very important role in this activity of recovery and (re)valorization – which is being promoted, among others, by the Curia of Naples, by the “Foundation with the South” and by the “Association of Friends of Museums” –  all managed by young no-profit associations. An example of such an association is “Respiriamo Arte“, a group of five tenacious young people who, after giving birth to the “Museum of Silk Art” in the Churches of Saints Filippo and Giacomo, is now reviving the Church of Santa Luciella in the Neapolitan Historical Center, with the help of the Pio Monte della Misericordia organisation. Merit to the reopening of the church of San Potito, where the Academy of music and entertainment has found a place for its training activities and concerts, must be attributed  to the association “Ad Alta Voce“.  State apparatuses too, have been supporting the strategic recovery of the architectural and cultural heritage. Among these is Invitalia, which manages, among other things, financing programs for companies in the culture and tourism fields.

The challenge therefore, has been launched. And accepted. It is not a coincidence that the young people under the age of 36 of the Campania region and within the program of public incentives to self-entrepreneurship “Resto al Sud”, have presented hundreds and hundreds of applications requesting the financing of business projects in tourism and culture. It is a sign that young people believe in these areas. The same has to be of “Charme” review, which has been telling and promoting for over 13 years, the beauty and goodness of Campania to tourists (and others) who visit it.