Rocky myths in the sea of Ulysses (third part)


(follow from second parte).. In Amalfi Coast there is the legend of the “Two Brothers”, two rocks in front of Vietri beach. The first story is set at the time of the Saracenes, when they besieged Salerno. Nobody was able to prevail, and count Umfredo dei Landolfi for Salerno and prince Rajan for the Saracenes decided that their two best knights had to duel. The duel arrived outside the city wall, reaching Vietri. Here the Christion and the Saracen, exhausted, held on two rocks. The sea took them away but, before that event they realized that their crests were identical, they were germans. The local population decided to call the two rocks “Two Brothers” in their honour.[charme-gallery] The second legend tells the story of two shepherds who, on Vietri beach, saw a sleeping girl among the sea. Worried for her, decided to save her, without knowing that she was Neptune’s daughter. The two died together with their sheep. Moved, the god of the sea decided to turn them into two rocks, the “Two Brothers”, surrounded by smaller rocks in memory of their sheep.[charme-gallery] The small archipelago Li Galli, in Positano, is formed by three islands: Gallo Lungo (the biggest), La Rotonda, and Dei Briganti (also called la Castelluccia); they are part of the Protected Area of Punta Campanella. Here, according to the myth, took refuge Parthenope, Leucosia and Ligia, the sirens who tried to seduce Ulysses. They were half women and half bird, thus explaining the name “Li Galli” (cocks). (followed fourth part)