Travel near Naples for the Pilgrim Icon of the Virgin of Pompeii


Trip away for the Pilgrim Icon of Madonna of Pompeii, waiting in Giugliano in Campania (Naples), tonight. The painting of the “Virgin of the Rosary“, escorted by Marian Mission, led by Don Francesco Paolo Soprano, will be welcomed by the priest of the ancien parish “St. Nicholas of Bari”, Don Raffaele Grimaldi, together with the faithful and the children who attend catechism classes. Sacred Effigy reach, then, in procession, the local parish, where Msgr. Angelo Parisi, vicar of forania Giugliano, will preside at the Eucharistic celebration. From 8.30 pm onwards, the icon will be exposed to the veneration of the faithful, who will argue before the Icon in Marian vigil. Tomorrow, after the Mass for the prisoners, the car-chapel, carrying the painting of the Virgin Mary, will depart for the Penitentiary Center of Naples, in the district Secondigliano, where it will stop until 5 December. Here, the missionary team will be received by the Director of the Prison, Liberato Guerriero, chaplains, Don Raffaele Grimaldi and Don Michele Vinzi, and agents of the Penitentiary Police.