At Palazzo Venezia works in the exhibition Candida Cardito

Candida Cardito and his paintings on display at the Palazzo Venezia in Napoli. In full of the old town the bright colors and strong feelings of contemporary art


And is Palazzo Venezia in via Benedetto Croce, in the heart of Naples historical center, which houses up to April 5, a Candida Cardito personal. It’s in the abstract design that are vented all the emotion the artist born in 1974, daughter of one of the pearls of the Gulf, Procida, but adoptive Partenope. Since the presentation of the event on Facebook to present it reads “the canvas becomes Candida” an arena in which to act “when the resignation, melancholy, euphoria, wild energy come to life through the technique called” dripping ” literally “dripping”.

The works present themselves as a chaotic tangle of lines and colored spots, with a total absence of rational organization, thus leaving, open the sensations that arise in front of the paintings. “And we are convinced that the colors of his paintings and the way in which are proposed they will not fail to strike the observer, awakening the most varied emotions. And that’s what art aims. Thrilling.

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