Bagnoli Jazz Festival, 21 and 22 April

Fourth edition of Bagnoli Jazz Festival on Friday 21 and Saturday, April 22 at that of Viale Campi Flegrei. Here's the schedule of the two days of jazz


Bagnoli Jazz Festival reaffirms its natural home; It will take place, in fact, in Bagnoli this two-day music and culture, on 21 and 22 April. The main artery of the steel neighborhood will be the stage of the festival in notes. The staging of the scenes will in fact be in the central part of the Viale Campi Flegrei. Neighborhood spaces so enjoyable and livable. Star in two days at 18.00.

The program was structured in three different times each evening:

STAGE TO ROCK: opens the event on the date of April 21 all-female quartet: Asya, with the voice of Asia Ronca, Maura De Santis on drums, Faith Oneiric on bass and keyboards Olino Gaia.

APEJAZZ: cocktail hour stellar punctuated with percussion of Bandarotta Bagnoli: Xango, Francis Lorenzo, Alfonso, Marco

JAZZ UP TO MIDNIGHT: this part of the show will see the entrance on the stage of a very interesting duo formed by Dario Di Pietro (acoustic guitar) and Gabriel D’Ario (flamenco guitar); with Flamenco Guitar Duo Napuleno these artists aim to show the viewer how many points of contact exist between the Spanish universe and the Neapolitan. There is a fusion of Neapolitan music and cante jondo, “a rare example of primitive song,” as he was described Federico Garcia Lorca. Their execution will therefore be based on a new interpretation to the fundamental pieces of the classical Neapolitan song book through the typical Flamenco language.

Following the Welcome Jazz Quartet (Antonio Izzo: Tenor Sax, Paolo Palopoli: Guitar, Salvatore Ponte: DoubleBass, Domenico Benvenuto: Drums), with proven sensitivity jazz ensemble, given the numerous projects that are dedicated, separately.

Gain, then the stage Rocco Di Maiolo and musicians who have embraced the Neapolis Project. Claudio Romano on drums, bass Lello Somma, Vito Barbato on piano, Enzo Amazio on guitar. The song that gives the name to this musical project tells, with the elegance Sax Di Maiolo and the contribution of his valiant companions, a story inspired by the reality of the streets of Naples, this city so controversial and rich facets.

Will close the first night the HERMANOS & FRIENDS, training consists of Max Puglia, Nico Di Battista, Francesco Cavaliere. One of the highlights of this event is represented by the performance of this trio which this year intends, with its presence at the Festival, to pay homage to the memory and talent of their main inspiration, the great Paco De Lucia, who died three years ago, and undisputed master of flamenco guitar.

For the Saturday, April 22, the opening of the TO ROCK STAGE evening was entrusted to Daysleepers tribute band REM, which, thanks to the voice of Peppe Duraccio, low Antonio Sarnataro, Antonio’s Taglialatela guitar and Max Battery Amitrano will bring the sound of one of the most innovative groups of underground music on the stage of the Festival.

L ‘APEJAZZ will lead the signing of Mirko Gisonte young Lucan guitarist will present at Bagnoli Jazz Festival a few songs from her first album entitled “A night inside my dreams”, an instrumental music where work will feed the ethno, flamenco and jazz.

Finally, for JAZZ UP TO MIDNIGHT session will take the stage of the team N_RJYA, the popcover band that, for the occasion, as a “jazz outfit”, reinventing itself and coloring itself in acoustic swing; along with front man Dario Palladino there will Savio Arato: Guitars, Luca Augiero: Keyboards & Programming, Gianfranco Siga: Bass, Fabio Cervera: Drums, Antonio Bifulco: Alto Sax.

We could not miss on the stage of Bagnoli Jazz Festival one of the alternative projects in the area Flegrei, to Sharmacore, born in 2011 from an idea by Mariotto Luongo, a former Codice22 voice, which over the years has been enriched with dub times and rhythmic funk, of English-speaking arias and Neapolitan atmosphere until you get to the actual formation. GUEST luis Grieco, will attend MC Mariotto: Voce, Angelo during Geko: Vocals, Marco Esposito – Basso, Roberto Niro – Guitar, Elio Severino – Drums, Keyboards Gianni Cianci-.

Welcome back, also for a dream realized by Max Puglia and his traveling companions; They are green, in fact, the glories of the US tour the team of American Reunion and reuniting, in addition to Puglia and Savio Arato vocalist and percussion, Max Segatori on sax and keyboards Francesco Vitiello.

The closing of the festival for the edition 2017 is entrusted to the triode, creature born from the mind of versatile drummer Freddy Malfi that with this training, offers a repertoire that ranges from funk, rock, blues-influenced melodic Partenope and harmonic approach to jazz sometimes. The songs are mostly written by Corrado Paonessa (guitar) and Mario Mazzaro (Bass) and they also add some standards with new harmonic and rhythmic arrangements. Versatility, experience and talent to round off the fourth edition of this event which bears the signature of the artistic director Max Puglia and will be presented by Pippo Pepe.

We repeat the location and the two dates. Viale Campi Flegrei in Naples on 21 and 22 April.

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