Continuing the boom in visits to Pan for McCurry. Provided another 12 special openings

steve_mccurry pan napoli

To meet the growing demand for access to the Palace of Arts which currently houses some of the works of Steve McCurry, the special openings have been planned to meet the needs of visitors. Let’s see when and at what times.

Special opening until 19.30 on the following Sundays:

20:27 November 4, 11 and 18 December

Special opening until 19.30 on days:

8 and on 26 December 2016; January 6, 2017.

extraordinary opening until 15.50 on days:

December 24 and 31

extraordinary opening until 14.50 on:

25th December

Special opening from 15:00 to 19:30 on:

January 1, 2017

Steve McCurry is one of the greatest masters of contemporary photography and is a benchmark for many, especially young people, who recognize in his photographs a way of looking at our time. In his every shot is an enclosed complex universe of experiences and emotions and many of his images are known throughout the world.

The new exhibition in the Palace of Arts in Naples, in addition to presenting the essential core of his most famous photographs together with some more recent works and other pictures not yet published in his many books, especially highlights his work as a photographer, committed “without borders” in the places of the world where conflicts come on and focuses the suffering of people forced to flee their lands. The theme is unfortunately highly topical, and Steve McCurry has documented since the late 70s.

The visit in fact opens with a section of photos in black and white, taken by Steve McCurry between 1979 and 1980 in his first mission in Afghanistan, where he was joined together with the mujahideen who fought against the Soviet invasion.

In that country he has returned numerous times and that country was the girl who photographed in Pakistani refugees in Peshawar, which has become an absolute icon of world photography, but also a symbol of hope for peace that seems impossible in a world shaken by wars and mass exoduses. His most famous portrait is exposed along with the other two shots, one of which is realized by McCurry in 17 years, after having finally found, after a long search.

In places in the world where life is often more difficult, the aim of Steve McCurry has been able to collect images of great poetry, but also has been able to document the atrocities of war and violence that, unfortunately, humanity becomes the protagonist, the twin Towers in the Gulf war, the conflict in Afghanistan to Japan after the tsunami, the child soldiers to the pain of hospitals, harsh images that reveal an unusual McCurry.