Music at sunset. On the terrace of the Ars Nova Nitsch Naples

ars nova napoli

The appointment is for Sunday, September 11 at 19 at the Nitsch Museum, ìn Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29 / d, near Piazza Dante. The terrace of the historic center of Naples will be the stage for a concert doc of Ars Nova Napoli, the legendary group of street urchins born in 2009 in the streets of the ancient center of the city and over the years developed his repertoire of tarantella, pizziche, and tammuriatas serenades carrying around their own sound between street art, folk festivals and European festivals. Many people, including tourists and children of Partenope, have danced with them when switching between Piazza del Gesù and Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, street set where usually like to play.

The group is always looking for new connections between traditional Neapolitan folk music, and many other popular world music, becoming infected not only from the nearest pizziche Puglia, Sicily and Calabria tarantella serenades, but also from greek rebetiko, from gypsy music and American south.

“Who Fatigue se more ‘and famme” is the first official album of the band, and represents the synthesis of the experiences gathered by the band for over 7 years. Each track corresponds to a story, a search, a small life experience that allowed the Ars Nova Naples to build their repertoire collecting the voice of the streets and of the many people I met along the way that led to this work light before.

Winners for two consecutive years (2012-2013), in different categories of the Buskers Festival editions will also perform in festivals in Spain, France, Greece and Sviuzzera, and Italy they have participated in programs such as “On the Road- Joe Bastianic “of SkyArte, or on RAI-2 to” Clear Variable “, and again on La7 in” L ‘Infidel. Their music is a testimony in notes of Mediterranean cultures, the narrow alleys of Naples, as Marseille and Barcelona where the sun manages to bring light to fatigue, but it heats up and away from the concerns of the contemporary world.

To attend the concert you must book by sending an e-mail to or call at 328-3849804 specifying the number of reservations, the names and mobile numbers.

The ticket cost of € 15 (inclusive of a welcome drink and a visit to the Museum).

Useful tips. To enter the museum the most convenient way is by Piazza Jesus and Mary. You can park in the garage Quadrifoglio via Jesus and Mary 18 within walking distance from the Nitsch Museum or coming from Piazza Dante to climb to climb Pontecorvo following the directions of the Nitsch Museum.