Helmut Newton at PAN in Naples, to 18 june

Helmut Newton master the art of writing with light, on display at the PAN in Naples to 18 June

Helmut Newton al PAN
Helmut Newton al PAN

Helmut Newton at PAN for another month. Over 200 works on display.

For Helmut Newton at PAN yet another month of exposure. It will show you open to the public until June 18th. It is above all the fans who go to admire the over 200 images of Helmut Newton, for the first time in Naples in the premises of what is now a container of the artistic excellence of contemporary art in the heart of the city of Naples.

From 9.30 to 19.30, every day except Tuesday, visitors will be able to access the rooms of the PAN that host the exhibition curated by Matthias Harder and Denis Curti, to immerse themselves in the spirit of what is one of the most important and Celebrated photographers of the twentieth century.

The exhibition collects the images of the first three books published by Newton in the late 1970s and early 1980s, resulting in the title of the exhibition and artwork in three sections. The three books are fundamental to understanding Newton’s photography, which he personally designed, selecting the photographic images and their layout.

White Women in 1976 was his first monograph to press and immediately after its publication received the prestigious Kodak Photo Book Award. 84 color and black and white in which for the first time nude and eroticism enter the world of fashion.

For Sleepless Nights, published in 1978 however, the author spun around women, their bodies, clothes, but turning to fashion photo image portraits, and portraits of the crime scene report. The subjects are usually half-naked models wearing orthopedic corsets or are harnessed in leather saddles, photographed outside his studio, almost always sensual and provocative attitudes, suggesting a use of fashion photography as a mere pretext to create something completely new and very personal.

And finally, Big Nudes of 1981, where Newton reached the title role of photography in the late twentieth century, ushering in a new dimension – measure, that of giant entering forcefully and effectively in galleries and museums around the world. Inspiration of naked full length and in black and white taken in studio with medium format camera, were Newton posters disseminated by the German police to search for belonging to the terrorist group RAF.

The objective of Newton had the ability to fathom the reality that, behind the elegant gesture of the images, allowed to glimpse the existence of a further reality, that is to the viewer to interpret. Aim of the exhibition is to present the distinctive themes of artistic imagery of Helmut Newton, offering visitors a chance to fully understand his work as never before.


Title: HELMUT NEWTON. PHOTOS. White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes

Period: to June 18, 2017

Headquarters: Napoli, PAN Arts Palace Napoli – Palazzo Roccella, Via dei Mille 60 – Napoli

Hours: Every day except Tuesdays, from 9.30 to 19.30 hours. The ticket office closes one hour earlier

Tickets: € 11.00 (including audio guide) – Reduced € 10.00 pr groups of at least 12 visitors and specially activated conventions holders (including audio guide) – Special reduced € 5.00 for schools and young people up to 26 years (including audio guide) – Free for children under 6 years, 2 teachers per class and accompanying disabled.

To reserve tickets is expected € 1.00 per person.

Info and reservations on www.mostranewton.it