A theater Filumena Marturano & James Senese. What a great couple


Filomena Marturano with music by James Senese. One of the best sellers of the Neapolitan theater revised in a modern way. The great comedy, written by the maestro Eduardo De Filippo, is staged from December 25 to January 6, 2016 at the Teatro San Ferdinando, directed by Nello Mascia, dressed in nice novelty.

The songs accompanying fact, there are the classics used to this show, but were created entirely for the occasion by the experienced Italian saxophonist and singer Gaetano “James” Senese. A combination of art, show and drama.

The typical features of a text so challenging and timeless, updated with a re different and unique date from the new soundtrack accompaniment. The role of Don Domenico Soriano is played by the director himself, the already named big Nello Mascia, while in the role of Filumena Marturano you can admire the beautiful singer actress Neapolitan Gloriana.

The info on the theater you will find by clicking on the link www.teatrostabilenapoli.it/teatro-san-ferdinando/