Theater and history in one shot. Where? In the heart of the city of Naples


Night falls, and visit a place of art in the mysterious and magical city of Naples, may have a different flavor. Even more if it is a dramatized visit. A fascinating mix of architecture and culture in the form of spectacle. The stage is the Church of the Saints Severino and Sossio in street Bartolomeo Capasso, in the historic center of the ancient Partenope.

But be careful. Not only the charm of an event the night version of representation you will get to be there. The reason to participate, will also be given a gastronomic treat. In fact, at the end of the appointment it will be served a tasty cultural and special snacks with drinks.

The history of this majestic church deserves some little nod: At the end of the ninth century by order of Bishop Athanasius II, this land was built a convent for fifteen religious who would follow the rule of St. Benedict, and was dedicated to S. Severino Abate Apostle of Noricum (mountainous region of Central ). The present monastery was founded in the tenth century by Benedictine monks, when, for the dreaded Saracen raids, left the old monastery situated on the hill of Pizzofalcone, also bringing the relics of San Severino and there you also moved the relics of St. Sossio, companion the martyrdom of San Gennaro, found among the ruins of the castle of Miseno. The Monastery from 1835 is seat of the State of Naples.

The rally for participants is expected at 18.45 outside the Church of the Saints Severino and Sossio and require a participation fee of 10 Euros.
The visits will take place at 19:00 on the following dates:

April 15, 2016

April 23, 2016

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