Program until July of 50 years without Totò, events at the SanitàDistrict

Events at the Sanità Replicate this year with 50 years without Totò, events for children, shows, guided tours of the neighborhood, concerts in the square and cultural evenings. Here is the program

benvenuti-rione-sanita progrmma 2017

Extraordinary program of events at the SanitàDepartment on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Prince Antonio de Curtis, art Totò. The San Gennaro ONLUS Community Foundation has organized a long and exhaustive calendar to remind the Artist of the Child of his ancient street maze. Here is the program in its detail. Any updates and extensions of dates will be found in the links indicated at the bottom of the article.


  • May 06 in collaboration with Sky Arte


20:00 Napucalisse – by Mimmo Borrelli in the Basilica of San Gennaro extra moenia.

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22:30 White Night at Healthy Rivers animated by Funky Tomato Party with

DJELIBIT (Baba Sissoko + Nicodemo feat. Lilies on Mars). Exceptional Guests:

Zulu’s 99Posse, Jovine and Neapolitan DJ Tony Mr.Time Ponticiello.

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  • May 07 in collaboration with Sky Arte


18:30 Concerto-reading The Music Set of Erri De Luca

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21:00 Live by Vinicio Capossela in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

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  • May 10 21:00 Discover the program

Marco Zurzolo – Ex voto in Piazza Sanità

  • May 12 17:00 Discover the program

The inaugural pedal of the Naples Bike Festival in the sign of Totò

  • May 14 20:00 Discover the program

Assurd – concert in the Santa Maria della Salute basilica cloister.

  • May 21 11:00 Discover the program

Devotees to Viviani – the traveling band of Ciro Riccardi and Antonella Monetti.

  • 14 – 21 – 28 May at 18:00

Aperivisita at Fontanelle Cemetery – Free guided tour by reservation

+ Aperitif in the Health Care District.

Reservations: 08119571624 – 0817443714

  • May 29

Inauguration crypt St. Mary of the Basilica Basilica in the presence of the

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe.


  • 03 June 21:00 Discover the program

Concerto Valentina Stella in Piazza Sanità – Rione Pedestrian health with street artists.

  • June 10 at 21:00

Villanelle and Neapolitan songs – Musical history of love in Naples with the

Participation of the choir Mysterium Vocis and the choir of white voices of the IC.

Nevio of Naples directed by Rosario Totaro. – Basilica San Severo.

Reservations: 08119571624 – 0817443714

  • June 17 21:00 Discover the program

(Reserved for Members of the Foundation)

Concerto Basilica of San Severo “THE PRINCIPLE OF THE SONG – tribute to Totò” by

And with Daniela Fiorentino with the extraordinary participation of Patrizio Rispo.

  • 11 – 18 – 25 June 18:00

Aperivisita at Rione Sanità – Free guided tour in the art places of the neighborhood

+ Aperitif

– Reservations: 08119571624 – 0817443714


  • 01 July 21:00 Discover the program

Concerto WELCOME TO RITA SANITA ‘in Piazza Sanità. Entertainment of

Francesco Cicchella “Thousands of special voices” Special Guest Clementino, Guests:

Pasquale Palma, Andrea Sannino, Rosalia Porcaro, Sanitansamble.

  • 06 – 07 July 18:00

Palace Cinema – Visit the Art Places + Review in the Cloister of the

St. Mary’s Basilica to the Sanctuary and the Courtyard of the Spaniard Palace.

Developed by WI.U – Adolescents in Art

  • 16 – 23 – 30 July

The Patent – Theatrical Shows Spreaded in the Health Care District by the New Health Theater

+ Aperitif.

– Reservations: 08119571624 – 0817443714




– Reservations: 08119571624 – 0817443714

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