Nitsch on the terrace, Sunday music at sunset with Sineterra


The appointment is for Sunday, September 15 at 19 at the Nitsch Museum, ìn Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29 / d, near Piazza Dante. The terrace of the historic center of Naples will be the stage for a concert Sineterra. The group was born in Naples in 2009. Here the roots landless Mario Musetta (guitar and vocals), Luisanna Serra (voice), and Charles Ferris (trumpet) have become intertwined in the belief that music is a sonic exploration and contamination of genres .

“Folk of an Anglo-Saxon Mediterranean archipelago imagination,” writes their music Pier Andrea Canei, Internazionale, Federico Vacalebre critic of The Morning: “ high, even very high over genres and routine, crossing jazz improvisation and world splinters music”.

The group plays unreleased music, featuring the voice of Luisanna and his invented language, the result of a research on improvisation and composed of sounds that give life to a ‘grammar’ of the soul. They are the perfect counterpoint to the haunting textures drawn from the horn of Charles Ferris (sometimes solo, sometimes backing vocals) and dream plots constructed by the guitars of Mario Musetta.

Two discs to date: Sineterra, the first (self-released in 2009) then Fadisia, published in 2012, which inaugurated the label Neapolitan activities Agualoca records (which now also produces Flo, Orchestra Joubés, Driving Mrs. Satan, compilations On the banks of the tango). The distribution is Audioglobe and Warner Chappell.

Excerpts from ‘Fadisia’ were included in the soundtrack of the film (to be released in theaters, and a few months on the festival circuit) We Francis of Gwendolyn Zampagni. The cast: Elena Sofia Ricci, Paul Sassanelli, Mauro Recanati.

To attend the concert you must book by sending an e-mail to or call at 328-3849804 specifying the number of reservations, the names and mobile numbers.

The ticket cost ‘of € 15 (inclusive of a welcome drink and a visit to the Museum).

Useful tips. To enter the museum the most convenient way is by Piazza Jesus and Mary. You can park in the garage Quadrifoglio via Jesus and Mary 18 within walking distance from the Nitsch Museum or coming from Piazza Dante to climb to climb Pontecorvo following the directions of the Nitsch Museum.