Art, music and theater on the balconies in the village of Futani

Il borgo di Futani

Art, music and theater in… balcony. This is the purpose of “Balconica, overlooking the music” on Saturday afternoon, October 11, will enliven the balconies of the houses in the main street of Futani, in in the Salerno’s province. The center of the country will become an open-air theater with balconies of the buildings – formal boundary between public and private life and the symbolic place of the theatricality of some Mediterranean culture – which will be occupied by the notes and the performance of the 20 artists who have joined all ‘initiative: each will perform for twenty minutes from a balcony other than helping to build a fanfare traveling and multifaceted. A great festival designed primarily as experiential stimulus for residents who will be invited to appear on the balcony of the house to give free rein to their music or just to decorate your balcony to host a performance of Balconica: poetry set to music, art installations, monologues, theatrical performances, songwriting, rock, blues, folk, electronic, reggae, live radio, vinyl selections, shouting without a center, without rest, without limits. The event is organized in collaboration with the Festival Giovivendo Abatemarco, in the municipality of Montano Antilia.

Balconica, overlooking the music
Futani (Salerno) Saturday, October 11, from 5 hours pm