From Cumae to San Gregorio Armeno, visit the treasures of the Terra Felix

Cuma, l'antro della sibilla

What do they have in common the Neapolitan Crib, the Cumas Acropolis and the Fontanelle cemetery? It’s simple: the unique brand of Earth Partenope mixed with the worship of the sacred. If we then add the suggestion of a guided tour, then here materialize three itineraries from the inimitable charm. E ‘as he put in shipyard cultural association Mani Mani e Vulcani on Sunday October 19 with three “paths” parallels that wind starting from h: 10.30 am along three different lines of march.

The first is the one that will accompany visitors and enthusiasts to discover the mysteries of the Neapolitan crib, through a guided tour of the area of San Gregorio Armeno. An itinerary strictly “Made in Naples” to the discovery of the oldest and most arcane mysteries that lie in the representation of the Nativity in Naples. In fact, the Neapolitan crib is rooted in an ancient past in between paganism and Christianity. The event is scheduled for 10:30 am, outside the Cathedral of Naples. The participation fee amounts to € 8. A reservation is required.


The second “tour” is scheduled at the same time and that is what leads to the west of Naples. In ancient greek settlement of Cuma, to be precise, where a large area is a concentrated unique in the world of history, culture, art, nature and geophysical phenomena, which have always attracted the attention of writers, scholars and scientists. Cuma is the first of the settlements built by the Greeks in the West. The city was founded at the expense of local populations Osco-Sabellian in the second half of the eighth century BC by Euboeans-Calcidesi who settled previously in emporion of Pithekoussai (then Aenaria the island of Ischia). The appointment to visit the Cuma’s Acropolis, between oracles and sibyls is outside the ticket office. Even in this case, the fee amounts to 8.00 euro (with the addition, however, the entrance fee) and a reservation is required.

Finally, the third, an extraordinary itinerary program ever in the day Sunday, October 19 at 10:30 am: that the Fontanelle Cemetery, the largest archive of human Naples. Through a careful tour route, thanks to the guides of “Mani e Vulcani” you will know the very close relationship that has always linked the people of Naples with death. The appointment, for those who wish to visit the Ossuary of Fontanelle Cemetery is on the outside of the Sanità, Via Fontanelle, 80 The participation fee is € 5.00. The reservation, even in this case, is mandatory.

Sunday, October 19 10:30 am
Paths tour by Mani e Vulcani
The Mysteries of the Neapolitan crib … guided tour to the area of San Gregorio Armeno.
The Acropolis of Cuma … between oracles and sibyls
The Ossoteca Fontanelle: the human large archive of Naples.
Info and reservations are required: +39.081.5643978 – 340.423098
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