From the miracle of San Gennaro to Santa Patrizia here “the blood that…boil”


A guided tour through the miracle of the blood of San Gennaro and Santa Patrizia, tutelary deities of Naples and the people of the devotees. Its what gives Saturday, October 25 the association Mani and Volcanoes. In the guided tour “The Blood bubbles that re …” the blood is the sign legendary thinner and disturbing but also the most direct and unequivocal in that, burning quietly in a climate of suspended incomprehensible marvel, is knotted fantastically to life, his passions, his troubles. Meet outside the Cathedral of Naples at 10.00 o’clock. Sunday, October 26, however, the appointment is with “The Mysteries of the Neapolitan crib,” guided tour to the area of San Gregorio Armeno. “Quanno nascette ninno?” is a journey to discover the most ancient and arcane mysteries that lie in the representation of the Nativity in the city of the Gulf. In fact, the Neapolitan crib is rooted in an ancient past in between paganism and Christianity. Meet at 10:30 am, outside the cathedral of Naples. Also on Sunday, at 10:30 am, visit the Cemetery of Fontanelle, the “ossoteca” in the Sanità discrict, the largest archive of human Naples where, through a thorough guided tour, you will learn about the close relationship of the Neapolitan people with death. Meet outside the cemetery.

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