Here are the ten commandments neapolitans. What you absolutely must see in Naples

And this is the first commandment of our tables made in Naples, places, museums, works and archaeological sites that Neapolitans and not, can not fail to see or know in Naples


There is no city in the world with so much history, art and culture. It was the capital of a kingdom first in all, in every subject known. In Naples, every meter of the road, especially in the historic center, talks to you and tells still something unique and magical. And this abundance of everything, made us think of doing a service to the reader some of our pages. Son of Vesuvius, the boot or the globe is known. What we expose ourselves to follow, is not a ranking, but a list of 10 between, places, museums, or works that we consider to be among the first, and many must-see in this city. And so, the order is completely random. For us are equal.

Veiled Christ in the chapel of Prince Raimondo di Sangro, among the most beautiful sculptures in the world.

Modesty in the Chapel of Prince Raimondo di Sangro, incomparably beautiful sculpture.

The sacristy of the Church of San Domenico Maggiore, which houses mummies in sarcophagi of nobles of the past.

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Carmine Maggiore, grandeur, elegance and active part of Neapolitan history.

Church of San Giovanni in Carbonara, with patrician Chapels to run out of breath. Li, also a Vasari.

The Chapel of the Vasari in Sant’Anna dei Lombardi. You will be amazed by its beauty.

Majolica Cloister of the Monumental Complex of St. Clare. On a sunny day, there he will show all his charm.

The Art Gallery of the Capodimonte Museum. You will realize the beauty of painting in its history.

Girolami Library. Sacred place and a treasure trove of works on paper ever and all levels. Priceless.

Catacombs of San Gennaro, where the sacred is linked to the history of the city.