The icons of the Mother of God on display at the Diocesan Museum of Naples


When art meets faith. An exhibition dedicated to Mary, the mother of the Savior. It will be hosted between the aisles of the Diocesan Museum of Naples, in Largo Donnaregina, the place where culture, art and spirituality meet, giving rise to high art forms of suggestion. The event is scheduled for Thursday, December 5, at 17.30, with a new exhibition dedicated to “Icons of the Mother of God“.

Thirty precious specimens of Russian sacred images, stylized according to the canons of Eastern Europe, but from one of the most important collections of the Christian West. Part of the seventeenth-century manufacturing , partly painted in the eighteenth century and still partly dating back to the nineteenth century. They come directly from the collection Intesa Sanpaolo. And for the first time will be visible to the public.


The event which will take place in the presence of Cardinal Sepe establishes a truly unique and prestigious in the world of art and culture in general, in the light of the richness and character of the exhibits on display at the Museum of Naples.

The icons of the Mother of God

Thursday, December 5th 17:30

Diocesan Museum, Naples Largo Donnaregina

tel . +39.081.5571365