The great art back to Sorrento


Great art back to Sorrento with an exhibition dedicated to the most influential and original Italian painter linked to the evolutionary experience of Futurism: Mario Sironi. The art show titled “Mario Sironi: painting – great decor – illustration” was inaugurated a few days ago at Villa Fiorentino and continue until Sunday, April 20.

The exhibition will be divided into three sections: Painting (works from the twenties to 1961), the Great Wall (works 1934-1938) and Illustration (works 1915-1925). For a total of 80 works.

The event, sponsored by the Sorrento Foundation in collaboration with the Sorrento Town Council, will host works by the artist from the collection of Andrea Sironi Straußwald, from the collection of Gallery Cinquantasei, from private collectors.


A unique opportunity to admire the creativity and genius of one of the most eccentric and fascinating characters of the last century, that unlike most artists of the twentieth century, he never stylization and cliché, to the last, he knew find new forms of expression for their own research. A genius in which fate has not given due recognition and that between the pages of art history, a position of absolute importance.

For the event dedicated to Sironi, which will be followed by another in the summer devoted to Pablo Picasso, Sorrento Foundation has established a partnership with the exhibition “Sironi and the Great War, The Art of the First World War and the Futurists in Grosz and Dix”, sponsored and curated by Carichieti Foundation ad Elena Pontiggia. The event will be held simultaneously in Palazzo de’  Mayo, SET, Temporary Exhibition Space (Chieti) from 22 February to 25 May 2014.

“Mario Sironi: painting – great decor – illustration”
Villa Fiorentino, Corso Italia, 53 – Sorrento (Naples)
Opening hours: every day (including holidays) from 10.00 am to 1.00 am and from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays closed at 9.00 pm