From Decumani to Vomero, wonders to be discovered on foot – Third tour

Cimitero delle Fontanelle

There are paths that have to be made only on foot to enjoy the wonders of Naples: stunning panoramas, monuments, museums full of treasures, historical palaces. Let’s get on board!  The itinerary proposed by “Charme” .

National Archaeological Museum, via Foria and Sanità

In the museum, a wonderful palace which hosts the greatest coin collection of the world, there are 3.000 objects dating back to Prehistoric times.

We are in via Foria, near the Royal Botanical Gardens, with the popular districts of  Vergini and Sanità. There is the famous Fontanelle Cemetery with its “cape ’e morte” or “capuzzelle”, a place where people speak with the dead, cuddle them and ask them favours. A macabre fascinating place, house of myths, legends, and tales of miracles.