Pompeii more wonderful than ever (first part)

Pompei, Casa del Criptoportico particolare mura

In the heart of Roman Pompeii, along Via dell’Abbondanza, (The road of Abundance) stand the six dwellings and each of them testimony how wealthy the city was. The Fullonica of Stephanus, the House of the Criptoportico, the abode of Paquius Proculus, the House of Sacerdos Amandus, the house of Fabius Amandius and the Efebo Domus are the names of these houses.[charme-gallery]None of them, with the exception of  the Fullonica House, was present on any map, before today. They were unknown to the public but well-known to the watchful eye of archeologists and researchers. ” These dwellings have been restored”, explained the superintendent Massimo Osanna, “because together they offer an extraordinary glimpse of what life was like in the Roman town in the years before the eruption of the Vesuvius.” The buildings tell us about the life of the rich and privileged people of Pompeii, and even more. (followed second part)[charme-gallery]