After 20 years it’s possible to visit the Greek temple interiors

Il tempio di Nettuno dall'alto

At Easter, the Temple of Neptune to Paestum will be open to the public. For the first time after 20 years, the visitors can visit the inside of the Greek temple built in the V sec. B.C. which it’s the better preserved of Italy. An event that will allow to appreciate the architecture dorica that enchanted Piranesi, Goethe and many other illustrious travellers. The temple will be open to the public both Saturday 26 that Sunday 27 for the whole schedule in which the whole archaeological area is visitable, that in base to the new widened schedules it stays opened by her 8.30 up to her 18. “Experience to enter a Greek temple of 2500 years ago is something that we must allow all the visitors”, the manager Gabriel Zuchtriegel explains.