With “Nero and the Emperors” the Poppea villa shines in the moonlight

Il mito di Roma rivive sotto le stelle con "Campania By Night": dal 6 al 13 settembre, visite notturne guidate e spettacoli teatrali nella magica cornice degli Scavi di Oplontis

La Villa di Poppea by night

Campania By Night, Archeology under the stars” at Oplontis ruins at Torre Annunziata (Naples), in the Villa of Poppea, second wife of Emperor Nero. The project, which provides archaeological site visits by the Campania Region and curated by Scabec in collaboration with Mibact, after the extraordinary success recorded in Pompeii (with over 5,400 appearances in 12 evenings), proposes for the evenings of 6, 7, 13th and 14th September a special appointment, with three tours, starting at 19.45, in the Imperial Villa illuminated and animated by the show produced by Le Nuvole – Casa del contemporaneo entitled “Nero and the Emperors”.