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The historycal places to be visited in Naples

+ Castel Capuano and surroundings * Cortile Vanvitelliano della SS. Annunziata. Ospedale dell’Annunziata via Annunziata, 34 - lunedì-domenica h 9-17 Info: tel. 0812205025 Cortile di Castel Capuano - Ministero...

Sansevero Chapel, suffering in trasparent marble

The story of the “alchemist prince” Raimondo di Sangro has always fascinated Neapolitans and some still make the sign of the cross at the...

Naples discloses hundreds of cloisters, courtyards and church squares

"May of the monuments" 2013: Naples reopens the leaves of sky open museum. And the most hidden places will be visible again. The theme...