With the ​​head in the stars, discovering the secrets of the universe


During the long summer nights is a favorite pastime for many, the nose up, relaxing on the deserted beach to look at the endless starry sky in the moonlight.
Who has never done at least once in your life ?
Well you don’t have to wait for the arrival of summer to repeat this relaxing ritual, because as early as Saturday, February 22 in Naples, into the modern structure of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, you can see very close all the extravagant
“inhabitants” of the firmament of heaven .

The event  “Astrokids” promoted by Inafthe National Institute of Astrophysics , thanks to the support of a group of experienced astronomers, is aimed especially at children who always suffer the charm and mystery of planetary constellations .
During the visits, which will be held every saturday of the month through may , the team of connoisseurs of celestial matter , will satisfy all the curiosity and the questions asked by young visitors.


Each appointment will treat a specific theme, by the motions of the Earth and its implications, through the original names of all the planets and their characteristics, to discover the secrets of the most fascinating creatures: the magical comet.
The event will be an opportunity to learn something more about the universe science in a fun and carefree.
So it will be really difficult to resist the temptation of a trip, through the stars!

february to may 2014

saturday, February 22, “The Earth a planet always in motion …”
saturday, March 29, “The circle of Planets”
saturday, April 12, “A horse of a Comet”
saturday, May 24, 2014, “The colorful world of the Stars”

Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte
Salita Moiariello, 16 Naples, Tel +39.0815575111
For info and reservations (required by the Thursday prior to the meeting): astrokids@na.astro.it