All’ex AsiloFilangieri, un insolito “Ritratto di Napoli”

le opere di Barbara Karwowska

By Roberto De Simone to Roberto del Gaudio through the eclectic Lucio DDT Art. It is definitely a “Portrait (unusual) of Naples”, what the 7 (opening scheduled at 19 with a reading of poems by Fabia De Luca) to February 27 will be proposed by Barbara Karwowska former Asilo Filangieri vico Giuseppe Maffei 4 in Naples.

For the occasion, the artist created, in fact, a series of paintings that protagonists twenty partenopei that gravitate around the world of art and, in general, of the culture. Each face portrait is surrounded by a decorative element that seems a halo, but it really is a gold standard that assumes, on the canvas and the different characters, different shapes.

Canvases, placed close together, give the impression of a large portrait of Naples in the present, through the faces of some of its inhabitants paintings between 2013 and 2015. In kindergarten will be exhibited also two works by the larger format inspired by the Neapolitan folk tales of Giambattista Basile: “once upon a time the king’s daughter who had Vallepelosa melancholy called Zoza” and “Face Goat” and last but not least , “… in Naples the night is magical”, framework that captures the magical atmosphere of the evenings in the city.