Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara, suspended between light and mystery stories

Cappella Caracciolo del Sole chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara

Among the most beautiful churches of Naples to the extraordinary presence of the impressive art treasures and funerary monuments, the Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara, located in the homonymous city street of the capital of Campania, was built in the first half of 1300 thanks to donations from a rich patrician Neapolitan, this Gualtiero Galeota. It was called “Carbonara” as in the Middle Ages in the area where later arose the yard, we unloaded waste incinerated. Six chapels inside the church structure. Stands out among these, the Chapel of the Crucifix commissioned by Cardinal Geronimo Seripando characterized by the tomb of the founder, who was also Archbishop of Salerno.

Again, the chapel that houses Recco, however, the precious nativity scene in 1478 by Peter and John Alamanno. Genuine work of art formed at one time forty-five pastoral figures subsequently transferred to the museum of San Martino. On the far wall, opposite the entrance to another shining magnificence of the church: the chapel Miroballo that among the various works that hosts also houses the tomb of Antonio Miroballo work of the great Lorenzo Vaccaro. The most famous sculptors of the period worked marble also to the preparation of the Chapel Caracciolo di Vico modeling for the eponymous family their beds eternal. It dates back to 1557, the Chapel which is located on the side counterpart, the one called Somma, performed on the design of the great masters D’Auria and Caccavello, authors, respectively, of the bottom of the altar of the Assumption, and the Tomb of Scipio sum place right in front of the entrance.

And finally, probably the highlight of the Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara: the Cappella Caracciolo del Sole, the one in which Khymeia will guide the participants not only to discover the artistic beauty that comes with the whole, but also to the reinterpretation of some mysterious symbols carved therein and well established in the extraordinary decoration of the Chapel, guided through a sensory experience. If you are curious about the event is scheduled for Saturday, October 11 at 10:30 am at the entrance of the Church.


Cost: 5 €, free for children 14 years old
Cost of membership card: 3 €
Reservations required: 3898819155 –
Duration: about 2 hours